Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
07 Dec 2011
 | 07 Dec 2011

Application of optical tomography in the study of discolouration in drinking water distribution systems

P. van Thienen, R. Floris, and S. Meijering

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Tools: Sensoring and monitoring
Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of drinking water through the use of a smart electronic tongue
Alvaro A. Arrieta, Said Marquez, and Jorge Mendoza
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 15, 25–34,,, 2022
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Design methodology to determine the water quality monitoring strategy of a surface water treatment plant in the Netherlands
Petra Ross, Kim van Schagen, and Luuk Rietveld
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 13, 1–13,,, 2020
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Raspberry Pi-based smart sensing platform for drinking-water quality monitoring system: a Python framework approach
Punit Khatri, Karunesh Kumar Gupta, and Raj Kumar Gupta
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 12, 31–37,,, 2019
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Real-time hydraulic interval state estimation for water transport networks: a case study
Stelios G. Vrachimis, Demetrios G. Eliades, and Marios M. Polycarpou
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 11, 19–24,,, 2018
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Towards a cyber-physical era: soft computing framework based multi-sensor array for water quality monitoring
Jyotirmoy Bhardwaj, Karunesh K. Gupta, and Rajiv Gupta
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 11, 9–17,,, 2018
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