Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
07 Dec 2011
 | 07 Dec 2011

Application of optical tomography in the study of discolouration in drinking water distribution systems

P. van Thienen, R. Floris, and S. Meijering

Abstract. Theories describing the turbulent deposition of particles from aerosols have recently been applied to drinking water distribution. In order to allow the study of these processes in a quantitative way and internally observe a cloud of suspended particles in a pipe, we have developed an optical tomography technique and measuring device using low cost electronic components specifically for this application. The mathematical methodology and the electronic device are described in this paper, and tests of both the mathematical approach and the actual device are presented. We conclude that the mathematical framework presented is suitable and that the technical implementation works in a test setting. The described methodology may provide a valuable tool for the study of processes related to drinking water discolouration in the lab.