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Research article
30 Jul 2018
Research article |  | 30 Jul 2018

Comprehensive analysis of the start-up period of a full-scale drinking water biofilter provides guidance for optimization

Loren Ramsay, Inês L. Breda, and Ditte A. Søborg

Related subject area

Treatment: Biological treatment
Effect of biostimulation on biodegradation of dissolved organic carbon in biological filters
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Effects of ozonation and temperature on the biodegradation of natural organic matter in biological granular activated carbon filters
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Short summary
Many waterworks utilize sand filters that rely on microorganisms for water treatment. When new, these biofilters require several months for the growth of microorganisms before they become functional. This study is the most thorough documentation of this start-up process to date. Results show that the onset of removal of individual substances proceeds in a well-defined order and that the different filter depths have different functions, suggesting which activities may shorten the start-up period.