Articles | Volume 6, issue 1
Special issue:
08 Feb 2013
 | 08 Feb 2013

Numerical and experimental investigation of leaks in viscoelastic pressurized pipe flow

S. Meniconi, B. Brunone, M. Ferrante, and C. Massari

Abstract. This paper extends the analysis concerning the importance in numerical models of unsteady friction and viscoelasticity to transients in plastic pipes with an external flow due to a leak. In fact recently such a benchmarking analysis has been executed for the cases of a constant diameter pipe (Duan et al., 2010), a pipe with a partially closed in-line valve (Meniconi et al., 2012a), and a pipe with cross-section changes in series (Meniconi et al., 2012b). Tests are based on laboratory experiments carried out at the Water Engineering Laboratory (WEL) of the University of Perugia, Italy, and the use of different numerical models. The results show that it is crucial to take into account the viscoelasticity to simulate the main characteristics of the examined transients.

Special issue