Articles | Volume 2, issue 1
30 Jun 2009
 | 30 Jun 2009

Arsenic in drinking water: a worldwide water quality concern for water supply companies

D. van Halem, S. A. Bakker, G. L. Amy, and J. C. van Dijk

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Sources: Pollution
Evaluation of human risks of surface water and groundwater contaminated with Cd and Pb in the southern El-Minya Governorate, Egypt
Salman A. Salman, Ahmed A. Asmoay, Amr El-Gohary, and Hassan Sabet
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 12, 23–30,,, 2019
Short summary
Investigation of the relationship between drinking water quality based on content of inorganic components and landform classes using fuzzy AHP (case study: south of Firozabad, west of Fars province, Iran)
Marzieh Mokarram and Dinesh Sathyamoorthy
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 9, 57–67,,, 2016
Short summary
Confirming anthropogenic influences on the major organic and inorganic constituents of rainwater in an urban area
K. Chon, Y. Kim, D. H. Bae, and J. Cho
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 8, 35–48,,, 2015
Status of organochlorine pesticides in Ganga river basin: anthropogenic or glacial?
P. K. Mutiyar and A. K. Mittal
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 6, 69–80,,, 2013
Fluoride in the drinking water of Pakistan and the possible risk of crippling fluorosis
M. A. Tahir and H. Rasheed
Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 6, 17–23,,, 2013

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